New Radiohead release available on Napster.

Radiohead's newest brainchild, Kid A (Capitol),scheduled to be released in the UK on October 2, is currently available in full on Napster.
Ok ... those of you who are still with me ... not off in some Radiohead-induced downloading frenzy (although, trust me, you reallyshould rush to Napster ... and then, of course, buythe CD when it comes out) might be interested in a few more details.

Security surrounding the release has been exceptionally tight in the UK and the US,
but unless the band has switched their position on the whole Napster debate, they really shouldn't be too bothered about the development.
Bassist Colin Greenwood recently spoke about Napster on the BBC program Newsnight -- "The important thing is to embrace the technology
and not put your head in the sand like so many record companies have done."
Take that Mr. Ulrich.

Here's the track listing***

Everything in it's Right Place, Kid A, The National Anthem, How to Disappear Completely, Treefingers, Optimistic, In Limbo, Idioteque, Morning Bell, Motion Pictures Soundtrack

Source: NME

New Radiohead release available on Napster.