Smashing Pumpkins release new (and final) recording.

But don't even try to go out and buy it, they don't want your money! Seriously, your money's no good here ... As a farewell "f**k you" to their label, Virgin Records, the Pumpkins are distributing their final pompous offering--Machina II/Friends and Enemies of Modern Music--ENTIRELY over the internet.

Did I mention your money's no good here?
Let me give you the scoop ... The band recently sent 25 people the collection in a vinyl-only set that featured three 10-inch EPs and one double 12-inch LP, with instructions to distribute the songs free online. The tunes have already surfaced in on various Web sites, FTP servers and Napster. The vinyl pressings also included a message stating that Machina II was being distributed this way as a "final f**k you to a record label that didn't give [the Pumpkins] the support they deserved," MTV News reported. What delicious revenge!

Source: MTV Online

Smashing Pumpkins release new (and final) recording.