Eminem lambasted in Senate Hearing for being a very naughty boy.

In a Senate hearing yesterday (investigating how violent
imagery is being marketed to young people), Eminem became
the primary target for folks who tend to let it slide a little more when
violent imagery is mainly marketed to black youth.
But moving on along -- Dick Cheney and Joseph Lieberman formed an uneasy alliance in their
outright condemnation of Eminem and Seagram, the company currently marketing the
offending rapper.

Cheney held up Eminem as the most scathing evidence of marketing adult material to an underage audience saying, "I want to focus on
one company, Seagram, that is currently marketing Eminem, a rap singer who
advocates murder and rape. He talks about murdering and raping his mother. He
talks about choking women slowly so he can hear their screams for a long time. He
talks about using O.J.'s machete on women, and this is a man who is honored by the
recording industry." Cheney called for regulation
within the music industry, and specifically, for a
ratings system to be put in place like the one used in the movie industry. The committee is expected to reconvene in two weeks to give
Hollywood a chance to discuss the issues at hand.

You know, it's funny that you don't hear Tipper Gore saying
anything on the subject ... oh yeah ... she wants
her husband elected. Those crazy politicians.

Source: MTV News Online

Eminem lambasted in Senate Hearing for being a very naughty boy.