Eminem back home ... in court.

Eminem's got a face only a mother could love, but he's
also got a lot of money, and mothers love that too.
The mega-selling rapper was back in court yesterday
to give a video deposition for future court use,
and also to confirm/deny some alleged statements he's made
about his mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, in certain US publications. For example, he'd like clear up a little misunderstanding concerning comments about his mother's drug use -- when
Eminem said "drugs," he meant perscriptiondrugs, NOT drugs of the more illegal persuasion (puh-leeze).

Mathers-Briggs initially filed suit last September,
seeking a cool $10 million, for defamation of character brought about
by several comments Eminem made in interviews supporting his last album,
The Slim Shady LP. To show there are no hard feelings here, Eminem
is quoted in the Detroit News as saying he "would happily
pay his attorneys $100,000 to make sure she (Mathers-Briggs)
doesn't get a dime."

Source: NME Online

Eminem back home ... in court.