Pearl Jam to release Official Bootleg Series

Pearl Jam, a true fan's band, is always thinking of their peeps.
In yet another example of their commitment, they are planning to release 25 (yes,
I said 25) double-CD live official bootlegs culled from their European tour this past summer.
"It was [manager]
Kelly [Curtis'] idea,
and we got excited
about it because no
one had ever done it
before," said Pearl
Jam guitarist Mike

The plan was originally just to release a handful of recordings
taken from shows throughout their decade-long career, but as word got out, and people started foaming at the mouth,
the project was expanded. McCready explains, "we decided to take it
farther and tape all
the shows so people
can have a
representation of the
show they were at,
remember it and
play it."
The European sets went on sale Sept. 5 on the group's website ( and
are expected to be
in retail stores on
Sept. 26.

Source: Sonicnet

Pearl Jam to release Official Bootleg Series