Green Day Reaches out to Slipknot

... so they can properly bitch-slap 'em (as a woman, I can say "bitch-slap", right?). GreenDay, playing a fan-only
show at a London Virgin Megastore yesterday, effectively put to rest any questions that they've started goin' soft on us.
Three songs in, after a fan tossed a Slipknot-like clown mask onstage,
frontman Billy Jo Armstrong threw it back and sneered,
"Oh scary, you've got masks assholes. Why don't you try writing a good
fucking song for a change."

Armstrong kept up the venom-spew and, towards the end of the show,
introduced a another song saying, "Dedicate this song to the person you hate most in the world.
Think about killing the bastard. Take Slipknot for instance." He also took aim during the show at Blink-182 and Metallica to a lesser degree.

Now, a brief aside -- I'm no rocket-scientist, but by my count we've got 3 undernourished rock kids vs.
10 to 15 hefty Midwesterners wearing scary masks who couldn't be identified in a police line-up
'cause nobody knows who the hell they really are. Pretty gutsy, but I think Billy Jo picked the wrong fight here.

Source: NME Online

Green Day Reaches out to Slipknot