Oasis to Release Wembly gig on DVD

Not to be outdone by the Chili Peppers, those
Oasis boys announced today that their July 21st concert at
Wembley Staduim -- where they played to a rowdy sold-out crowd of
70,000 -- will be released on video and DVD November 13 ... just in time
for Christmas. The DVD will include a 45-minute documentary featuring
exclusive interviews with Liam and Noel Gallagher, likely
showcasing their talent for in-fighting, brotherly bickering, and good old fashioned rock-star

The documentary was filmed by Grant Gee,who also shot Radiohead's tour film Meeting
People is Easy.
There will also be interviews and footage shot by fans, a complete discography
(UK and International) with audio clips and artwork, plus a CDRom element which links to www.oasisinet.com
featuring brand new photographs.

The complete track listing -- Fuckin' in the Bushes, Go Let it Out, Who Feels Love?, Supersonic,
Shakermaker, Acquiesce, Step Out, Gas Panic!, Roll With It, Stand by Me, Wonderwall, Cigarettes and Alcohol,
Don't Look Back in Anger, Live Forever, Hey Hey My My, Champagne Supernova, Rock'n'Roll Star

Source: NME Online

Oasis to Release Wembly gig on DVD