Eddie Vedder Wants Nader in the White House

For all you people who don't really like either of the presidential
front-runners, those being George Dubya and Lil' Al Gore, Eddie Vedder
wants YOU to consider Green Party nominee, Ralph Nader. The Pearl Jam
frontman took the stage last night at Seattle's Key Arena with an acoustic guitar
and a ukulele to warm up the crowd before Nader came out to address the attendees.

He performed "Soon Forget" from Binaural and dedicated it to
Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The song recounts the story of a man who has riches that can buy
anything he ever desires, but that can't buy back his soul. Ouch. Nader then took the stage
and railed for 90 minutes about "the unacceptable inequality of wealth in the United States today."
He then singled out Bill Gates noting that his wealth is equal to that of the 120 million poorest Americans. Vedder told AP later, "What he {Nader} says, the truth, is so glaring compared to these 30-second soundbites you hear from the other candidates," and that third party voters shouldn't be forced to choose between "the lesser of two evils and the evil of two lessers."

Source: Wall of Sound News

Eddie Vedder Wants Nader in the White House