And now for something COMPLETELY different.

Stop the presses, hold the phone, drop the baby - this news is bananas. Leave it to a Monty Python star to continue a legacy of affiliating themselves with something so completely absurd, that any simple project just might work. Iron Maiden front man and apparently part time screen writer Bruce Dickinson has written a script for a forthcoming comedy movie. Yes a metalhead, groupie banging, rock star has written a script to be directed by none other than Monty Pythonalum Terry Jones.

The Chemical Wedding is the tittle of what will be Jones' first film made by his newly formed Messiah Pictures production company. The rumor mill has been working overtime predicting who might star in what is sure to be a hit or miss film. Roger Daultry (Lead singer of The Who), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) are the two names being tossed around to hopefully star in the film. Both actors would do just fine, after starring in two of the most exotic and mind boggling films themselves (Tommy, A Clockwork Orange.) Dickinson has previously published stories about his comic
creation Lord Iffy Boatrance.Iron Maiden will provide music for The Chemical Wedding as well.

Source: Music 365

And now for something COMPLETELY different.