Radiohead - can they generate more publicity with new EP?

Fresh off the release of their latest odyssey Kid A Radiohead is planning on releasing an EP of even more new music. Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien vaguely told Radio 1 after a monstrous show at Warrington Victoria
Park (October 2), that the band's next release would be an EP. O'Brien also confirmed that the select few lucky enough to have seen Radiohead recently have been subjected to new new new material that will be featured on Radiohead's fifth album.

"If you record 24 songs, and some of the songs you play live are off the next
record, it's inevitable people are going to talk about the next album. We've got that one over and done with, and it's on to the next one. I think we're on a bit of a roll at the moment. Others may disagree," explained O'Brien.

Kid A is available right now on Capitol records. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot listen to the entire album in it's entirety while watching The Wizard Of Oz


Radiohead - can they generate more publicity with new EP?