The Beatles Anthology now in new and improved book form

The Beatles dropped their anthology book The Beatles Anthology Thursday. This gem is simply a must have for all Beatles fans anywhere, anytime, (like we needed to tell you that). Packaged in a delicious hard silver cover,
this book is heavy enough to do your shoulder presses with. Complete with 100% cooperation from Paul, George, Ringo, and John, this
book is their story in their words. Most of the text is taken from the
Beatles Anthology special that was composed and aired a few years ago. Jam packed and stacked with 368 pages, 340,000 words, and 1,300 photos. Paul, George and Ringo fully cooperated for this masterpiece as well as giving access to their personal photo archives and
documents. Apple and EMI did the same. Folks pick this book up not now, but yesterday! Take a moment to remember the greatest rock n roll band of all time - The Beatles.

In other Beatles related news Mark David Chapman was denied parole earlier this week. The man who murdered John Lennon outside of his home in 1980, is currently serving a life sentence. This was Chapman's first shot (no pun) at parole. Chapman's next parole hearing will be in October 2002.

Source: Wall Of Sound

The Beatles Anthology now in new and improved book form