The Offspring conspire to hit the open road

Ok so you are a huge rock band who just lost the biggest argument of your life.
You were told flat out by "the man" that youíre new album Conspiracy of One
would in no way shape or form be available for download prior to it's November
14th, 2000 release date. What do you do now? ROAD TRIP. The Offspring will
kick off a sort of "I hate you mom and dad and am never coming home" tour
November 17th in Anaheim. Cypress Hill and MxPx will join the Spring.

The Offspring's newest single Original Pranksteris available for download right
now on the bands site Fans who cannot wait for the
November 14th release can download Original Prankster to be eligible for a $1
Million dollar prize. No venues have been announced for the Offspring's month long
tour, but the dates and cities are listed below for your pleasure.

11/17/00 - Anaheim, CA

11/18/00 - Los Angeles, CA

11/21/00 - Las Vegas, NV

11/24/00 - Sacramento, CA

11/25/00 - San Francisco, CA

11/27/00 - Salt Lake City, UT

11/28/00 - Denver, CO

12/01/00 - Detroit, MI

12/05/00 - Toronto, ON

12/06/00 - Monrteal, QUE

12/09/00 - Chicago, IL

12/13/00 - Worcester, MA

12/15/00 - Washington, D.C.

12/16/00 - NYC, NY

12/17/00 - Philly, PA

Source: Wall Of Sound

The Offspring conspire to hit the open road