Free Pumpkins in time for halloween

Machina / The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music is now available for download on more than fifty sites. The 25-track album has even been burned, and given away at radio stations across the country. Machina 2 is made up of songs from the recording sessions of Machina 1. Is the entire class up to speed on the current Pumkpins situation? A few questions are still lurking from fans and rockers in the industry. Why is one of the biggest selling alternative rock bands giving away albums on the Internet? Why have their last few albums not been successful? Will Melissa Auf der Maur marry Jason in Chicago this Friday with Robert and Nicole?

Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan explains to us exactly how the "new noise" is being spread. "So far it's been a great, amazing and exciting thing. I intend on continuing to release music this way. I'm an alternative artist who straddles the pop mainstream. I'm often faced with conflicting issues. In this case, there's no more compromise. I do exactly what I want the way I want, and I don't have to pay anybody and they don't have to pay me."

Corgan was spotted at the
Chicago Recording Company digging in the crates for old dats and recordings. Will Billy Corgan continue to make music and release it free to the world
through his site? Will he ever grow his hair back? Tune in next time on Who Wants to be a Rock and Roll SUPERSTAR.

Source: BBC One

Free Pumpkins in time for halloween