Stipe to be a guest Saint on the Utah's new album

Michael Stipe will appear (or variations of his voice will) on the new album from the Utah Saints.The singer, movie producer, and iconoclast voiced four recordings via the telephone. There isn't a very clean or natural guest appearance; everything used will be extremely vague and invaluably artistic. There is audio of Stipe describing a rhino from a film, chopped up snippets of Stipe to re-create an instrument, as well as a track called Sun where the Athens Georgia boy documents what he sees out of his window. The Saints describe Sun as "pretty optimistic" and tell us, "It really works well as an analogy for a whole album really."

Good fortune in music making seems to be flowing like a faucet for the Saints. They were just given the green light to sample Enter Sandman from Metallica for their new single Power to the Beats. This is loony toons for a number of reasons. Power to the Beats was granted permission by captain money bags Lars Ulrich and Metallica, plus it will be available for free download on Excuse me but didn't we just sit through months and months of crap ass hearings with Lars bitching Napster this and Napster that? Isn't it Ironic - Don't you think?

Chuck D. will also share his "bass/ how low can you go" voice for the upcoming Saints album. "I thought, no way is Chuck going to do anything outside of Public Enemy or on a record that's not hip hop", the boys told Radio 1.
They wrote a letter to Mr. Fight the Power himself, not even knowing if Mista Chuck himself ever read it. "On a scale of 1-10 on the begging front it's a 9.5."

All new joints by the Utah Saint are available on their site at

Source: BBC One

Stipe to be a guest Saint on the Utah's new album