Coldplay cancels show, catches cold

Coldplay have been forced to cancel tonight's show at Edinburgh's Liquid Rooms due to vocalist Chris Martin's viral throat infection. The four piece squeeked through a set last night at Glasgow Barrowlands which left Martin "totally exhausted" according to a statement released earlier today. Coldplay plans on making up the Edinburgh show in December, but are still unsure about tomorrow nights show at Newcastle University.

Also later this year Coldplay's gorgeous Parachutes album will finally hit stateside. Nettwerk America was hip enough to sign to band in the US. Parachutes has already peaked at number one on the UK charts, and if heads finally accept British music for the beauty and greatness that it truly possesses, Coldplay are sure to be the next Radiohead?

If you have never heard of Coldplay, or cannot wait until November when Parachutes hits US record stores, check disc two on the 0.17 Cornerstone Player. An amazing video for the song Yellow is available for your eyes and ears.

Source: MUSIC 365

Coldplay cancels show, catches cold