Bush/Gore debate still sucks Ö whereís Nader??

George W made it through last nightís presidential debate without making a complete bungling ass of himself, while Al Gore did his best to seem nice, and not lie about a bunch of little things like he did the week before Ö he stillhasnít claimed to have discovered America, so thatís promising. But really, theseare the choices?!? Bush is a complete joke, and Gore (although competent) has proven that he'll say anything to get elected - and we have to pick one to run the country!? Well, not exactly, thereís also Ralph Nader (and Pat Buchanan, who weíll choose to ignore). Ralph Nader Ö and Pat Buchanan, who we choose to ignore Ö have enough votes, visibility and experience to be allowed to participate in these debates, but the whole system has been hijacked

by the Republicans and the Democrats together in one big power play (finallysome agreement between the two bickering sides, but it's only designed to keep them in power). Until this changes, not enough people will vote their conscience if they feel they're "wasting" a vote on someone from a third or fourth party. It's not democratic.

It might be a refreshing departure for Americans to see in Ralph Nader a normal, intelligent, principled candidate not speaking out both sides of his mouth in these debates. It might be nice to see more real choices in this very important decision, so people donít have to pick the lesser of two evils. It might even impress upon the two frontrunners (one of whom will be the leader of the free world in a matter of months) to make themselves worthy of this office and this country.
Can we get a witness?

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Bush/Gore debate still sucks Ö whereís Nader??