Alice in Chains live again

Word on the street has it that the enigmatic, and long dormant, Alice in Chains
will be releasing a live CD on Dec. 5. The ingeniously titled Alice in Chains Livecollects performances from three different shows representing three different eras in the band's career.
The earliest performances were recorded in Seattle at the Moore Theater in 1990 (with original bassist Mike Starr),
there are also songs from their Glasgow Barrowland's show in 1993, and from their last live show with KISS in Kansas City
in 1996.

The future of the band remains in question, with guitarist Jerry Cantrell
working on the follow-up to his 1998 solo debut, Boggy Depot,and Mike Inez and
drummer Sean Kinney demoing songs with former Queensryche guitarist
Chris DeGarmo. And Singer Layne Staley has been
keeping a low profile for years.

Here is the track listing for Alice in Chains Live:

1."Man in the Box" (Seattle)
2. "Real Thing" (Seattle)
3. "Bleed the Freak" (Seattle)
4. "Queen of the Rodeo" (Dallas)
5. "Angry Chair" (Glasgow)
6. "Man in the Box" (Glasgow)
7. "Love Hate Love" (Glasgow)
8. "Rooster" (Glasgow)
9. "Would?" (Glasgow)
10. "Junkhead" (Glasgow)
11. "Them Bones" (Kansas City)
12. "God Am" (Kansas City)
13. "Again" (Kansas City)
14. "A Little Bitter" (Kansas City)
15. "Dam That River" (Kansas City)

Source: CDNow News

Alice in Chains live again