Ticketmaster exposed as Devil incarnate

Or something along those lines ... Radiohead fans are up in arms over what they say is the latest debacle involving
the ticket-selling monolith. Due to trouble on the Ticketmaster website, countless fans claim they were unable to get
tickets for the band's show at NYC's Roseland Wednesday night (which, incidentally, sold out in a matter of minutes). Fans are demanding that Ticketmaster overhaul their whole system to
ensure that it doesn't continue to happen.

For their part, Ticketmaster denies that there were any problems at all. A spokesperson for the company responded to the accusations saying, "It was not a Ticketmaster problem. It's that demand was so strong,
which demonstrates the popularity of the fanbase ... if Radiohead did more shows or played larger venues, fans would have a better opportunity to get tickets."
Sounds reasonable, however, many people are claiming that there are website problems all the time, regardless of demand, that make it difficult to ever get decent tickets. Ticketmaster's response to that? - "The only answer
is to go to less popular concerts. Go to a show that nobody else wants to." Damn, that'sevil.

Source: NME Online

Ticketmaster exposed as Devil incarnate