Damon Albarn writes movie soundtrack

Blur's front man Damon Albarn has dipped his toe into the motion picture pool. Albarn has written the soundtrack to a mini film detailing the process of movie-making. "OnSet - the Short Film", is a one minute montage clip, scrambled with behind the scenes shots snapped by lens crafter Greg Williams. The pics were collected on the set of 30 recent British films. The 60-second piece will be part of a larger project broadcast on www.stopforaminute.com in 2001. "OnSet - the Short Film" will be the first of thirty films shown daily. Each day will feature a new film shot by a new filmmaker all in one minutes length. Film watchers will be encouraged to contribute their own works, and the entire collective will be shown on the cable channel FilmFour.

Williams will be showcasing his complete collection of Onset film photos in an exhibition running in London's Proud
Gallery from October 25 to December 10.OnSet features a who's who of the film word including eclectic images of Tim Roth,
Ewan McGregor and Cate Blanchett. A book will also be published to
coincide with the exhibition.

Keep both eyes out for Blur's The Best Of at the end of October.

Source: NME

Damon Albarn writes movie soundtrack