Badly Drawn Boy erased and told to "do-over"

Bad news for the UK's current "it boy" Badly Drawn Boy. BDB a.k.a. Damon Gough has been forced to repress his latest opus The Hour Of The Bewilderbeast for United States record buyers due to a selection of words on the track Magic Is In The Air. Earlier this year "Bewilderbeast" was awarded one of the UK's highest honors in winning the coveted Mercury Prize. The track in question was paying homage to US singer Taja Seville which featured lyrics from Love Is Contagious and would only be allowed on the album is the royalties were paid to Seville's publishing company.

The new version (sans Seville's lyrics) will have a 30-second instrumental, but if you check the liner notes with a magnifying glass you can still see pieces of the lyrics. Needless to say BDB is pretty bummed about the whole charade, since he was giving props to the singer after all - Praising Her! In addition to the song needing a revamp, the artwork needs to be switched as well. In the US it's illegal to use
pictures of people for commercial purposes without their permission. So if you were keen enough to pick up the import, save it!

Source: MUSIC 365

Badly Drawn Boy erased and told to "do-over"