Everlast speaks on Eminem diss

So we know by now that Eminem is the boy who cannot stay out of the media. Either he is getting sued by his mom, divorced by his wife, or standing trial for some ordeal. Recently the buzz has been about the diss (from out of nowhere) on former House of Pain front man Everlast. The lyrics can be heard on Em's "I Remember" song that appears on the B-side of Sh*t On You. Eminem basically disses Everlast for switching his styles over the years, and claiming that Everlast's new folk / blues sound is tired and old. After a week of being blown up by the media and radio stations across the country, Everlast has finally dropped how he feels about the situation.

"Homeboy got his feelings hurt by some
sh*t I said. Everybody's trying to fan the
flames now. He made his song; I've got a
little something for him on record,"
Everlast said. "It's not going to be
commercially released. It'll be sent out to
hip-hop DJs or thrown up on Napster or
something. It's kind of like a 'F*** you,
too,' kind of deal. See, without beef,
homeboy doesn't have anything.
Controversy and beef are all he's got to
hold on to. I'm going to respond in my
hip-hop fashion commercially and all that;
I'm not too worried about it. Honestly,
homeboy is beneath me, as far as I'm
concerned. I'm going to handle what I've
got to handle, and if shorty wants to come and handle me, he
can do it with his hands."

Everlast's new album Eat At Whitey's is available now on Tommy Boy records, while Eminem is currently disturbing crowds across the country performing on the Anger Mangement Tour.

Source: SOHH.com

Everlast speaks on Eminem diss