New Offspring release shows up online

Everything works itself out in the end, doesnít it? Despite a litany of lawsuit threats from Sony, Conspiracy of Onehas made itís way onto the internet for all hear.
Itís available in its entirety on Napster, or if you want a more Offspring-y experience, eleven of the twelve tracks from the new album have been posted on a fanís website,

For those of you not keeping track, the band backed down from a plan to post the entire album on their official website before the commercial release date of Nov. 14, after Sony threatened legal action.

"It's just like we said
ó that it would wind up
being everywhere but
on our site," Jim
Guerinot, the group's
manager, said last Friday
disappointed it wasn't
our site, and it wasn't
[sooner]. The manager also said that
Offspring were not
involved in releasing
the songs
prematurely, and that
he is not concerned
about whether Sony
suspects they were.
"Every other major
release that has come
out this year has been
on Napster at least
three weeks before it's
in stores," he said.

Source: Sonicnet

New Offspring release shows up online