Everybody Loves Tony

Tony Iommi, the legendary guitarist of the legendary band, Black Sabbath, has collected a veritable Whoís Who of the current rock world to collaborate with him on his album Iommi, released last week. Hard bodied rocker-poet Henry Rollins jumped at the chance to work on the album ñ "I said, ëWhoa, thatís Iommi, to have your voice synched up with that sound for three or four minutes of your lifeÖis a stone cold honor." Other contributors include Smashing Pumpkins dictator Billy Corgan, Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, Pantera leader Phil Anselmo, and veterans Billy Idol, the Cultís Ian Astbury, and co-Sabbath god, Ozzy Osbourse.

The album is a fully collaborative effort, with each guest bringing something to the table, "They did all the lyrics and melodies
they were singing," Iommi said, "I wouldn't ask somebody to
come in and join me on a track and tell
them what to do. The whole purpose of
it was the amalgamation of it all, to see
what happens." His only big regret is that he wasnít able to get Tom Jones(?!?) to appear due to scheduling conflicts. Oh well, you canít have everything. Check out the full album details at http:// www.tonyiommi.com/splash.htm.

Source: Sonicnet

Everybody Loves Tony