Vegas got no love for Limp

Gotta get behind any radio station whoís actually cleaning upthe airwaves, right? KXTE-FM in Las Vegas is officially boycotting the chart-topping bad boy posers Limp Bizkit for allegedly pulling a show in the city. The band is currently playing US venues with Eminem, Papa Roach, and Xzibit on the aptly-dubbed "Anger Management Tour," before heading off to rock Japan early next year. The Bizkit nixed plans to play the Las Vegas Mack Center on Nov. 20, and to protest the lack of love, KXTE is full-on boycotting arguably the biggest band in the format right now.

KXTE's programming director Dave Wellington told MTV that "fans are too pissed off for us to play
an artist that doesn't support Vegas." Not only is the station refusing to play any Limp Bizkit songs, they are also encouraging their listeners to return their copies of the new CD, Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water. And theyíve evenrecorded a radio
jingle with lyrics accusing Bizkit of not
playing because they could make more
money somewhere else. To take a peek at the station that calls itself as the "future of alternative," go to

Source: MTV Online

Vegas got no love for Limp