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This election day I will be voting Bjork for president

If you consider yourself a movie buff, film maker, or picture aficionado of any sort, then you need to see Dancer In The Dark immediately. Let go of your imagination and please react to what this film is set out to do - disturb the piss out of you. Bjork is a cosmic cherub delivered to Earth from somewhere beyond the cosmos. She is a star, a big bright shinning star whose child like ways devour your soul causing you to fall hopelessly in love with her. Bjork plays a dedicated mother whose one hope, one goal, one priority in her life is to save enough money for her son's eye operation. Bjork (Selma) was born into the family pitfall of aging blindness, an illness she tries desperately to prevent her son from surrendering to. As we sink deeper into the story (and as Selma's blindness becomes more of a handicap) she exposes us with her true love of music. While loosing one sense, her hearing is amplified by infinity and her daydreams of musical concerts are simply radiant. What's remarkable is that the meticulously choreographed dance numbers help further the story, negating us from ever seeing the actual incidences.

Dancer In The Dark is a 21st century digitally revolutionized picture that deserves total recognition for it's vividly tragic story, brilliant use of film stock and editing, as well as flat out ACTING. This film is so brilliantly written that it hurts (my stomach was upset the entire night after viewing this film). All footage is captured on digital film (some hand held) which creates a new forwarding quick cut pace that director Lars Von Trier has ultimately mastered. During the showing 4 people (2 couples) walked out of the cinema. I still do not know if they were leaving before the final song, but I doubt they even understand my little reference. This is no Casablanca or Titanic. There aren't any "I'll be back's" or "Show me the money's." This is a film that has solid characters passionate about their wants. Characters who you aspire to be or despise so much that you want to physically jump through the screen to strangle. Last time I checked that is how you are supposed to react to a good film. REACT. Von Trier is a true pioneer of the digitally captured new millennium. This film is a true masterpiece that delivers an A+ team effort. If you do take my advice and see this movie, and leave bitterly and grotesquely sick to your stomach ñ good: your admission price has been well spent.

Source: Jason Arthur Anfinsen

This election day I will be voting Bjork for president