Can't Noel drink alone in a pub without any bollucks?

Noel Gallagher is so friggin huge that his presence alone sold out a gig... that he wasn't even performing in. Noel, along with Oasis mates Andy Bell and Gem Archer peaked in to check out the Tailgunner shows last night in Oxford. Once people got a glimpse of the pop icon, rumors about an impromptu Oasis show spread like herpes. Gallagher hit skins on the Tailgunner album, while the band is fronted by producer Mark Coylewho produced Definitely Maybe.

According a loyal NME fan, "Noel sat in the pub for two
hours before the gig, near the window,
and within half an hour the gig had sold
out. Word got around Oxford that he was
going to be at the show pretty quickly,
and before long they were all under siege
with fans looking for autographs. Others
thought that Oasis were the support

Just the face that Noel showed up for a Tailgunner show is enough to spark even the dullest music fan's curiosity. Noel was booted from the band earlier this year after he and Coyle had a falling out. Gallagher fought off autograph hounds as his pal and Tailgunner provided an explosive set culminating
with Coyle demolishing his equipment by setting fire to his guitar.

Source: NME

Can't Noel drink alone in a pub without any bollucks?