Grab your shovel, here's the daily dirt

One of the true pinoeers of comedy had his final bow. Steve Allen passed away early Monday morning. The comedian said he was tired after dinner, then went to bed never to wake up. Steve Allen was 78.............
Host of TRL and MTV's poster boy Carson Daly got engaged to actress
Tara Reid according to USA Today. Daly recently broke it off with teen breast phenom Jennifer Love Hewitt. Reid recently appeared in American Pie............
Mothers hide your teenage daughters, Ellen Degeneres will soon be back on the airwaves. The show will be on the CBS network and former Seinfeld writer Carol Leifer will act as executive producer. Degeneres no longer dates Ann Heche since Heche realized her "experiment" was finished.

Source: Various Supermarket Tabloids

Grab your shovel, here's the daily dirt