Green Day to play unannounced in San Fran

This Sunday, Nov.5, Green Day is set to appear unannounced at a free show for "Take Back San Francisco." The event is designed to call the city's attention to an ailing music community hit particularly hard of late by club and rehearsal space closures. Also scheduled to appear at the Civic Center Plaza will be indie favs Creeper Lagoon, singer/songwriter Victoria Williams and melancholy crooner Mark Eitzel. Former Dead Kennedy turned activist Jello Biafra has scrapped his plans to perform in favor of another good cause, speaking at a Ralph Nader rally on the East Coast.

The situation for fledging musicians in San Fran has become dire, due in part to
Internet-made money gobbling up real estate. Things got downright ugly this past August when San
Francisco's Downtown Rehearsal, home to 500 bands (including, at one point or another, Creeper, Faith No
More and Chris Isaak) was bought up and shut down. The closure represented the single largest band
displacement in a city once famous for its thriving rock scene. Recently, efforts have begun to convert a
massive building, near San Francisco International Airport, into a new practice complex but another $1.5
million will be needed for the complete conversion (San Francisco reportedly has an annual budget of $3.5
million set aside for the arts).

Source: Yahoo! Music News

Green Day to play unannounced in San Fran