Promise Ring leave Bad Religion tour

One of rock and roll's most underrated and exciting bands The Promise Ring had to bail from the opening slot of the Bad Religion tour. Singer Davey Von Bohlen was a long time headache sufferer had surgery in May of this year to remove a benign brain tumor. According to the Ring's publicist Von Bohlen has returned home from the tour to consult with doctors, cutting the band's tour short only one week. The Promise Ring are expected to join the band for a handful of shows for the holidays in their hometown of Milwaukee.

The band anxiously kicked off its stint with Bad Religion in mid-September, and
played its last date on October 28 in Jacksonville, Florida. Precedding the May surgery, and MRI revealed that Davey had
developed meningioma, a benign tumor, in the outer covering of his
brain. The tumor was successfully removed, but the operation forced
the band to cancel its European tour.

The Promise Ring have released three full length albums, along with three EP's on the Jade Tree record label. Best wished can be sent to Dave at

Source: MTV Online

Promise Ring leave Bad Religion tour