What the Fuct?

In an attempt to further bastardize and negate the constitution of the United States of America, an editor for a Texas newspaper was fired for including a picture of the word FUCT that appeared on the shirt of Deftones singer Chino Moreno.
FUCT is the name of a Los Angeles skate company, and appeared unobstructed on the sweatshirt of an artist for a story - this is insane! The editor in question is Nora Garza who ran the picture on the front of the entertainment page of The MOnitor last Friday promoting the Deftones Halloween show.

Chino Moreno told this to Sonicnet about the incident, "My
first thought was 'Damn that's f*cked' For one, it's not obscene language.
Two, it's just silly...the word's spelt wrong."

"It's pretty hilarious other than a lady losing her job," Moreno added. "It's just
sad that you can open up the front page of the paper and see slain bodies
and people being shot, and somebody has a word that resembles a bad word
on a sweatshirt, and they've gotta make a big deal. I don't understand what
people are thinking."

The photo in question is an official publicity shot from the Deftones' label Maverick Records. Garza explained that she picked the band's photo (which was shot in front of a sunset) for it's artictis quality. told us, "I don't use that language and that's why I
never interpreted it as an obscene word." Garza also explained that if she had pronounced the word out loud, she would have never ran the photo.

Source: Sonicnet

What the Fuct?