Back In Black

Well it seems like we have a little Pixies reunion on our hands as two members of the influential group will team up for Frank Black's forthcoming album. Frank Black and Joey Santiago will play together for the first time in nine years on Dog In The Sand, which is scheduled to drop January 29 on Cooking Vinyl. It seems that both guitarists will be in the UK soon as well. Black has scheduled a hush hush gig at Camden Underworld on November 15, and Santiago will be in London on Saturday (November 4) to be a part of a
discussion at the London Film Festival.

Black is among some of the artists featured on the soundtrack of Crime &
Punishment In Suburbia,
that Santiago composed the score for. Santiago along side of the film's director Rob Schmidt and music supervisor Liza Richardson will be on hand Saturday at the London Film Festival discussing the project.

Check out the exclusive track listing for Frank Black's new album below, and let it be known that the first single Robert Onion will explode January 15.

Dog In The Sand

If It Takes All Night

Robert Onion

Hermaphroditos Is My Name


The Swimmer

Blast Off

Stupid Me

St. Francis Dam Disaster

Le Cigare Volant

The first single from the album, ëRobert Onioní is released on January 15.

Source: Music 365

Back In Black