Elvis Costello joins the WB

Elvis Costello, having already mastered the art of music, has decided to try his hand at TV. He (along with T-Bone Burnett) has teamed up with producer John Mankiewicz to develop a dramedy for the WB network - a world where three-named girls such as Sarah Michelle Geller and Melissa Joan Hart reign supreme.
Imagine Television and 20th Century Fox Television will produce the show, which revolves around a group of former models who, in their new careers as musicians, keep getting into crazy situations. Sounds Ö umm Ö inspired. If the showís premise doesnít get you turning on the TV, the fact that Costello will write an original song for each episode should help.

The WB has made a script commitment to the project, in development for fall 2001. Costello and Mankiewicz will serve as writers, creators, and executive producers of the pilot.
Burnett is also an exec producer focusing on the heavy musical content of each episode. Costello sums up his vision of the show as ìtalented women in control of their own destinyÖthey go into outer space, they rescue people from dastardly dictators, and they play songs.î

Source: Variety.com

Elvis Costello joins the WB