Fatboy Slim spinning exclusive set tonight at Virgin Megastore

Fatboy Slim's new record Halfway Between The Gutter
And The Stars
is set to fly off ecord stores shelves tomorrow (Tuesday, November 7.) To promote the album Mr. Norman Cook will be performing his first ever American in-store DJ performance tonight (
Monday, November 6th) live at the Virgin Megastore-Union Square in New York
at 10:30pm Eastern. This will be simulcast to all the Virgin Megastores
nationwide, as well as radio stations across the country, and the official Fatboy Slim site(Http://www.astralwerks.com/fbs/instore.html).

Here are a list of stations across the country simulcasting the Fatboy in-store DJ set.

CIMX/Detroit (http://www.89xradio.com)

grooveradio.com (http://www.grooveradio.com)

KFMA/Tucson (http://www.kfma.com)

KLLC/San Francisco (http://www.radioalice.com)

KNRK/Portland (http://www.knrk.com)

KPNT/St. Louis (http://www.kpnt.com)

KROX/Austin (http://www.krox.com)

KTEG/Albuquerque (http://www.1079theedge.com)

WBCN/Boston (http://www.wbcn.com)

WBER/Rochester (http://www.wber.monroe.edu)

WBRU/Providence (http://www.wbru.com)

WBTZ/Burlington (http://www.999thebuzz.com)

WCYY/Portland ME (http://www.wcyy.com)

WDST/Woodstock (http://www.wdst.com)

WEQX/Albany (http://www.weqx.com)

WHFS/D.C. (http://www.whfs.com)

WHRL/Albany (http://www.whrl.com)

WKLL/Syracuse (http://www.krock.com)

WKRL/Bridgeport (http://www.krock.com)

WLIR/Long Island (http://www.wlir.com)

WMAD Madison (http://www.wmad.com)

WNFZ/Knoxville (http://www.943extremeradio.com)

WOXY/Cincinnati (http://www.woxy.com)

WWCD/Columbus (http://www.cd101.com)

Q101/Chicago (http://www.q101.com)

XTRA/San Diego (http://www.91x.com)

Source: Astralwerks

Fatboy Slim spinning exclusive set tonight at Virgin Megastore