Madonna unveils live Music

Bootys were shaking; fans foaming at the mouth; celebs were seen (and felt, as chain-smoking Donatella Versace repeatedly ashed the poor huddled masses below her); and NYCís gay-male-leather-cowboy contingency came out in droves to give props to the Queen of Pop. Yes, all was right in Madonna-world last night as she took the stage at NYCís Roseland to play a few songs off her new album, Music. Rapper-turned-folkie Everlast opened the show with a short but sweet set, eventually grabbing the crowdís attention by bringing out NíDea Davenport for their soulful duet ìLove for Real.î DJ Duo Deep Dish, who were tapped to remix Madonnaís hit ìMusicî earlier in the year, kept the crowds dancing between sets.

But it was Madonnaís party, and she did not disappoint. She opened her brief set with full-on dance tracks ìImpressive Instantî and ìRunaway Lover,î complete with a truck-prop, dancing cowboys in various stages of undress, and a body-surf across the crowd. She cut the drama briefly during the intro of her new single ìDonít Tell Meî (co-written with the talented Joe Henry). Her occasionally shaky vocals were strong, and she displayed a good range and control singing over the acoustic guitar played by producer Mirwais. Full theatrics returned by the bridge, though, and the stage was suddenly alive with the art of line-dancing (which is now officially cool again). She dedicated her fourth song, ìWhat Itís Like for a Girl,î to Britney Spears (she also wore a Britney t-shirt throughout the setÖwhatever that means?), and ended the energetic show with her hit ìMusic,î while a montage of videos from different stages of her career played behind her, and the adoring crowd danced and cheered under the big disco ball and falling confetti. Everything was just perfect in Madonna-world. For those keeping track, sheís now headed overseas to continue promoting her album, and to play a similar show in London at the end of the month.

It's rare that anyone can command a room as much as Darth Vader does in the
Star Wars films.

The set kicked off at 8:30, and ended 5 songs later at 9. The performance, the energy, the was unreal. Madonna was shakin those cans and
that ass folks, you can forget about all the twenty something models or
whatever is hot right now - Madonna ko'd all of them last night. She looked friggin great - and she hasn't missed a
beat, her dancing was king.
She was nervous but with the look of the crowd and all the ass that reaked
of pure energy , she had nothing to be nervous about.

This is only a glimpse of the world tour to come!
See you there - front and ass center!

Source: Ann B. + Drew G.

Madonna unveils live Music