Courtney Love shows up at Rockrgrl

Courtney Love, never one to miss a chance to pontificate, made a surprise appearance at the first Rockrgrl Music Conference in Seattle this weekend. Her 90 minute Q & A
Session at the Renaissance Madison Hotel was the finale to the three-day event, and
Love used her soapbox to name-drop, and to mouth off about fellow luminaries in the music biz.
For instance, she revealed that there's a slightly-more-enlightened side of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. She disclosed that the two had been on a couple dates, and that he called her up once to say, ìI want to respect women. How do I do that?î To which she replied, ìFred, for starters, holding a party at the Playboy Mansion? Not a good idea.î And ladies, thatís what we call progress.

Love went on to discuss the philosophical implications of Eminem Ö ìheís the first totally post-modern artist, in that, without context heís nothing ñ without that endorsement from Dre heís nothing.î She also took a dig at arch-nemesis, Marilyn Manson, in relating a conversation with Interscopeís Jimmy Iovine, where he asked why Manson didnít sell more records, and Love tartly replied, ìBecause itís not 1975, Jimmy.î Then moving on along to the subject of women in music (the whole point of the conference), she related that she thought Britney Spears looked ìlike a Barbie.î

Love did indicate that there will be one less woman in rock for awhile as sheís having trouble finding a replacement for departed bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, and due to a few legal battles sheís trying to navigate her way through. You go, girl.

Source: NME Online

Courtney Love shows up at Rockrgrl