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WPBZ Morning man rocks on stage with Foo Fighters

Every year down in West Palm Beach Florida, WPBZ holds their annual Buzz Bake Sale. This year's line up included Fuel, Our Lady Peace and Foo Fighters.The offer was placed on the table by WPBZ morning man Mark Summers. If Mark Summers could nail down an extremely limited Sony Play Station 2 for Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, Grohl would have to allow Summers to play with the band on stage. The song was "Hero" which would have been all aces for Summers since he plays it weekly with his local cover band M.A.S.K. Grohl graciously accepted and let the games begin. Summers easily came up with the Playstation and was on his way to living his dream, playing live with the Foo Fighters.

The Foo's neared the middle of their set and called Summers on to the stage. Loyal West Palm Beach Buzz listeners screamed in anticipation to hear their favorite morning voice, belt out a tune. Summers ripped through the song, amazing even Grohl himself. Towards the end of the song though things took a turn. Grohl decided to shove a microphone in front of Summers' face to sing. Mark Summers doesn't sing. AT ALL. So Grohl began screaming "you suck you suck". It was all in good fun capping off an amazing day of music in West Palm Beach. So take that as a note morning show jocks really win in the world of alternative rock and roll.


WPBZ Morning man rocks on stage with Foo Fighters