Slipknot unties as video gets pulled

If you dig Slipknot (and let's face it deep down we all do) then you might be a pissed to find out that their video "wait and bleed" has been pulled from MTV. The video only had a life span of 10 spins before it was pulled from the following video channels MTV, Much Music, The Box and regional and online carriers. Let it be known that the band pulled the video themselves and none of the video channels that pulled the video should be blamed.

According to a spokesperson for Roadrunner Records, the band claimed that the video "was not a proper representation" of Slipknot. The label did say that they plan on editing and re-servicing the video. Wait and Bleed was directed by Atticus, and featured miniature Slipknotesque clowns going crazy throughout the video. The video debuted on MTV on October 22, and was
pulled late last week, according to Roadrunner.

If you want to check out the entire video, check it out at Roadrunner told us that Slipknot will request to remove the
the video from their site.

Source: MTV Online

Slipknot unties as video gets pulled