Bono Doing His Part To Reduce World Debt

In keeping with this week's political theme, we report that
U2 lead singer and social/political activist Bono was thanked by U.S. President Bill Clinton during a White House ceremony on Monday, November 6, to commemorate the giving of over $435 million in debt relief to some of the world's most impoverished countries. The outgoing leader singled out Bono because of his "passionate devotion" to wiping out third world debt, often hugely increased by the crippling cost of interest repayments on international loans. The singer had lobbied US congress on behalf of Jubilee 2000's Drop the Debt campaign.

"When we get The Pope and the pop stars all singing on the same sheet of music, our voices do carry to the heavens," Clinton added. Not only that, Clinton actually worked a U2 song title into his speech. "One of U2's biggest hits is, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." Well, with this bill and these funds and this diverse coalition, Bono and the rest of us, we've found what we're looking for, and we need to build on it."

While Bono was not at the ceremony, he was sure to be celebrating the bandís first week US sales figures of 428,000 for All That You Canít Leave Behind"and the fact that U2 is sitting atop the sales charts of 22 countries worldwide. In January 2001, U2 will start gearing up for their world tour, due to start in March.

Source: NME, U2 Official Site

Bono Doing His Part To Reduce World Debt