Dave Grohl forms All Star Heavy Metal Band

Metal is an art form. Either you come with the deep loud unrecognizable vocals, while saluting your loyal audience with the hand sign for Satan, as you destroy all of your equipment...or you do not come at all. Dave Grohl is not a new jack to the heavy sound, as he used to play for the D.C. hardcore band (the name escapes me for the moment, and Nirvana). Now after riding the shiny pop rock wave for a while Mr. Grohl will release a playlist of some of his new jams using the name Probot.

According to rollingstone.com, Soulfly's Max Cavalera,Lemmy from Motorhead, Pantera's Phil Anselmo, and Corrosion of Conformity's Mike Dean along with a few others will joining Grohl on the album, which bangs heads everywhere in Spring 2001.

Just like the Foo Fighters' first self titled record,
all the parts for the album have been written and recorded by Grohl, with the exception of the lyrics and the track titles, which were decided by the individual vocalists. Grohl is also dipping into his bullpen, and signing on Matt Sweeney as producer of Probot, and Adam Kasper to engineer the record. Both worked with Grohl on the band's last album There Is Nothing Left To Lose.

Source: NME

Dave Grohl forms All Star Heavy Metal Band