Angels Kick Little Nicky's Ass At The Box Office

To quote the Destiny's Child joint, "Charlie how yo Angels get down like that"? For the second week in a row Charlie's Angels have taken King of the Box Office mountain with no signs of being knocked off. The remake of the 70's television classic raked in $25 million, inching the Angels closer to the esteemed $100 million dollar mark. Coming in a corny second was Adam Sandler's disappointing Little Nicky, which grabbed a $18.1 million (we think out of pity.) This comes as quite a shock to the Sandler camp, and fans that thought the movie might actually be good. We are sorry to inform you so bluntly that the movie is nowhere near good. His last two movies, 1999's Big Daddy and 1998's The Waterboy, launched with $41.5 million and $39.4 million, respectively.

It's easy to say that Drew Barrymore, along with her production company Flower Films are riding high on the wave of success. After two hit pieces of production under her belt (Angels, Never Been Kissed) Barrymoe and her partner Nancy Juvonen are "running thangs" in the film industry. Word from Hollywood is that Barrymore just inked a deal with Ben Stiller and his company Red Hour, which she will produce. Stiller is another cat that is providing plenty of laughs (There's Something about Mary, Meet the Parents) and whose films both broke the $100 million dollar mark. These up and coming powerhouses should be getting paid the millions and millions that the A-List peeps of today are, since unlike the others they seem to be worth the big bucks.

Will Smith's latest pile of crap is The Legend of Bagger Vance, which co-stars Matt Damon and is directed by Robert Redford. Bagger has earned a measly $21 million in its two weeks at the box office, and has no signs of gaining speed. Jim Carrey has the Grinch movie coming out soon which should bring in the family audiences. Carrey's last box office failure was the depiction of the life of comedian Andy Kauffman, which was not that bad of a movie, but was not that good of a box office draw. Should these stars be paid such an exorbitant amount of money to put out these horrible movies?

"I think we would have wanted it to open higher, but you need to look at the reality of the marketplace," said David Tuckerman,
president of distribution at New Line Cinema, which released Little Nicky. "Little Nicky did well," said Jeff Blake, president of worldwide marketing and distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment, which released Charlie's Angels. "But once you open at $40 million [as Angels did] you have a huge advantage."
Blake predicted that Angels, which stars Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu, would pass $100 million before Thanksgiving and would go on to surpass $150 million in the United States and Canada.

Source: Mr. Showbiz

Angels Kick Little Nicky's Ass At The Box Office