Looney Fan Sues KISS

Ok so everyone seems to be suing everyone for anything these days. George W. Bush is suing over the recount in Florida and certain West Palm Beach residents are
suing because the "butterfly" format on the ballot was illegal...fine. Allow us to present to the jury one woman has taken this suing trend a little too far!
A 27 year old Michigan woman has sued the rock n roll band KISS, alleging
that her hand was injured during a May 8th concert. The woman has filed suit
against the band and three companies promoting the concert.

The suit alleges that during the bands final encore, the classic "Rock and
Roll All Night",
guitarist Paul Stanley smashes his guitar and generously
gives it to the die hard fans in the front. The woman's fingers allegedly
became entangled in the strings and she was pulled out of her seat and
dragged across 2 rows of seats by fans trying to get the souvenir.

Oh stop crying! Give me a breakÖ and how did her hands get caught in the
strings??? Hmmmm, let's see - could it be maybe that she was trying to get
the souvenir too? Did the guitar magically get placed in her hands or was
she in fact just as excited to try and get this gem from Paul Stanley too.

Folks -
when you're walking on the street with 2 slices of pizza and a bum runs up
and grabs one and you fall in the process...do you sue the pizza place

When you're at a professional basketball game and the ball goes in the
stands and knocks over your beer, do you cry to the home team to buy you a
new beer?

When you're crossing the street in a snow storm and a flake goes in your eye
and you can't see that the sign said "Don't Walk" and you cross the street
and get hit by a car..do you then sue the snow storm?

Please lady - you are one of the many people who abuse the word lawsuit. So
why don't you and your ambulance chasing lawyers stay home form the concert
next time ..and get the hell out of the way ...because if you're hands
weren't on that damn guitar - I would have had it !! I was 2 rows behind you

Thank you Paul Stanley...for your constant generosity!

Source: Wall Of Sound - drew@cornerstonepromotion.com

Looney Fan Sues KISS