Weezer Taps Ric Ocasek to Produce Next Album

It's been almost 4 years since our ears last rung listening to a studio album from Weezer. Their last was Pinkerton, an album that didn't generate as many radio friendly singles and it's older brother and originator Weezer.
In that 4 years time the kids have had a few troubles and changes. Bassist Matt Sharp left the band to pursue interests in his synth rock outfit The Rentals. Singer Rivers Cuomo saved up enough money, went off to hit the books at Harvard, and finally underwent leg surgery (one of his legs was longer than the other.) After Geffen (the band's original label) melted with Interscope, the band decided it was time to record another record. This time with a new bass player, a new pair of legs, and resurrecting the producer who made their self titled record an industry buzzing smash Ric Ocasek.

All that which is Weeze will enter the studio December 1st in Los Angeles to begin recording their long awaited third studio album. According to the band's site , the band easily persuaded Ocasek to come out to LA and join the recording process after being stunned with some incredible new demos. The kooky thing is, is that at press time Interscope
Records, the band's label, had no comment on whether or not they were even interested in another Weezer
album. According to the official Weezer site, Interscope
nixed recording plans in
October before the band had chosen a producer, and Weezer is
currently waiting to hear back from label. There is no word from the Interscope camp. But let it be known that every new song that was played on Weezer's latest road trip was an instant pop classic. If Interscope decides to pass on recording the next Weezer album, there are enough A&R dudes in LA foaming at the mouth to find the Weezer boys a new home.

Source: CD Now News

Weezer Taps Ric Ocasek to Produce Next Album