Goldie Sues Police For Harassment And Brutality

Goldie has done it all in our opinion. He once was the love interest of the living Angel Bjork, he recently had a role in a James Bond film, and this time he is back in the spotlight once again. Goldie alleges that he was dragged from his car, forced to the ground, handcuffed, and pinned down on the road by the police. He is consulting his lawyers about suing for damages. The hassle went down two weeks ago in the West End of London, when the police jacked up the renowned Drum and Bass master.

When speaking with the Sun newspaper Goldie said, "It was outrageous. I had seven
rifles pointing at me and I was pulled out and pinned down on the road."
"There were about 100 people watching. I was cuffed, which hurt my wrists,
and one of the policeman put his knee in my back, which I am still having
problems with."

Goldie apparently did mix it up with another driver earlier in the evening, who might have called the Police. The driver of the other car thought Goldie's cell phone was a gun A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed "Police stopped a vehicle and searched
it together with the driver and female passenger. No gun was found and both
were released."

Source: Music 365

Goldie Sues Police For Harassment And Brutality