Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville And This Is Hollywood

For a man who used to make videos of himself spraying mace into his eyes for fun, MTV's Johnny Knoxville has come a long way. The former writer / contributor for the skating magazine Big Brother is now the star of MTV's Jackass. But please do not think that this kid is just a punker who likes to use poo a lot, this kid is ranked (whatever that means) on Variety's top ten actors to watch. He has also set his eyes on the big screen to star opposite Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker in the film Life
Without Dick.

The Hollywood Reporter spews that the film will be an obviously offbeat comedy written by Bix Skahill (Chain
of Fools), where Parker falls in love with the hit man hired to
kill her boyfriend (Knoxville). This will be Skahill's directorial debut, and shooting should get underway next month in Los

Knoxville is all over the place; Life Without Dick, a recent small role in Coyote Ugly, and can be seen soon in Disney's Big Trouble. Knoxville will also getting $1 million
to star in The Tree, a comedy that starts shooting in
February. In addition to all of these film rolls, you can catch Jackass Sunday nights on MTV.

Source: Movies.com

Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville And This Is Hollywood