Silverchair Turns It Up To 'Eleven'

Some bands pay homage to their favorite movies by making similar videos or wearing
certain clothing. Australia's Silverchair is naming their new label after one of
theirs. The rock trio who ended their working engagement with Epic Records recently, has
started Eleven Records, because, as in Spinal Tap, they "don't just want to go to 10,
(they) want to go to 'Eleven'." Oh, will the hilarity never cease?

They have a few acts already in mind for release on Eleven, including an album from an
electronic artist named Paul Mac and a collaboration between Silverchair
vocalist Daniel Johns and Mac entitled I Can't Believe It's Not
Rock, for which the two artists have already recorded five tracks that they are deeming "experimental."

"I Can't Believe It's Not Rock." Geddit? A rock artist doing something not rock! Oh
god! I guess the hilarity DOESN'T ever cease...

Source: NME

Silverchair Turns It Up To 'Eleven'