Stereophonics' Kelly Jones Joined By Noel Gallagher In Dublin

Noel Gallagher is a true talent who just wants to play. If that means rocking out with the Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones at an acoustic show in Ireland, then so be it. Gallagher joined Jones to perform an exciting version of Oasis' Live Forever for about 800 jam-packed fans in Dublin's Vicar Street. The appearance of Noel was a double treat for fans that were anxious to catch the opening night of Jones' solo tour.

The solo tour of the Stereophonics star was set up as a lo-fi horsdeouvers for fans, for the main course of the band's forthcoming J.E.E.P.
(Just Enough Education To Perform) album. Word from fans and record peeps is that Noel arrived at 5:30 and went right into an acoustic sound check with Jones. This was Gallagherís first onstage appearance since his split with
wife Meg Matthews.

Also, Gallagher has come forward and stated that his previous 43 claims of no longer touring with Oasis were false. "The official
line of the last tour was that I was quitting
touring overseas with the band, but I never
actually said that. That was something our
manager made up to fend off the lawyers at
the time, but we are going to tour again."
Oh, that silly Mancunian sense of humor gets us every time.

If you are really stoked to hear an exclusive acoustic track, check out the band's site

Source: Music 365 & NME

Stereophonics' Kelly Jones Joined By Noel Gallagher In Dublin