You Can't Be For B-Real?

Rumors are circulating that Cypress Hill singer B-Real will be the next singer for Rage Against The Machine. Are you insane in the membrane or what? B-Real who is known for his chronic ganja smoke, funky nasal highs, and Latin Lingo - can he replace the void left by Zack?

The word blazing around town is that the Hill might take a hiatus after exhaling their live CD Live at the Fillmore on November 27. B-Real puffed to Melody Maker magazine, " You never
know, you might see me fronting them next year. Rage Against The Machine are a really great, important
band and I'm real good friends with them. It's gonna be interesting. I would
learn Zack's shit in a second. I would be proud because it's important that
that band keep going. There's nobody else like them out there. They're the
best band in the world."

Rage who are currently without a voice will release Renegades, a unique collection of covers of songs from Bob Dylan, Eric B & Rakim. The Rolling Stones, N.W.A. and more. Epic records will release the album November 27, 2000.

If the change did go down, B-Real lets us know that it would not be the end of Cypress Hill.
"I would never leave Cypress Hill, so I would
have to do it alongside that, but it's definitely
something that I'm thinking about." When asked if he'd discussed any of this with Rage, B-Real told us: "Yeah, we've talked about it. At the
moment, it's just a thought, an idea. At the moment!"

Source: Music 365

You Can't Be For B-Real?