Fred Durst says "AHHHHH"

See, your mom was right when she said if you kept making that face, it would stay that
way. Well, sort of. All of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's repeated
screaming has earned him a trip to a throat specialist in San Francisco, casting doubt over
the rest of the Anger Management tour. The tour, which currently has
Eminem, Xzibit and Papa Roach as support acts, cancelled its stop
in Vancouver last night, November 15, due to Durst's throat condition, the third
cancellation on this tour, joining nights in Albany, NY in late October and Indianapolis in
early November. Band spokespeople were unable to state whether or not the November 17
show in San Francisco would go on as planned.

The second leg of the tour, with support from DMX and Godsmack is due
to kick off on November 21 in Los Angeles, and, hopefully Durst will have
managed his anger well enough to limit his screaming in order for these rest of the tour to
go on as planned.

Source: NME

Fred Durst says "AHHHHH"