My Name is....Debbie Mathers?!?!?!

What comes around, goes around, evidently. Debbie Mathers, mother of
Marshall "Eminem" Mathers (unfortunately, not mother of Jerry "The Beaver"
Mathers, but wouldn't THAT be a story) has recorded a single, the lyrics of which she
describes as an "open letter" to her son. The single, entitled "Set The Record Straight", is a
collaboration between Mommy Mathers and rap group ID-X, supposedly
childhood friends of Eminem, and can be heard at

The lyrics of the song contain such wonderful couplets as "Marshall we have a
problem/You have really gone too far/The lies have to stop/People need to hear the truth."
The single is available for sale for $6.95 through New Media Entertainment. One gets the
feeling that there is going to be some SERIOUS smackdown coming on the heels of this.
Stay tuned...

Source: NME

My Name is....Debbie Mathers?!?!?!