Watch Your Step...Pavement Splits

After months of rabid rumors throughout the indie rock world the rockers Pavement have finally called it quits. Front man Stephen Malkmus told NME that after playing a gig in 1998 at Liverpool Lomax, that he realized the end was in sight. "The Lomax tries a man's
soul, plumbs the very core of his being.
Needless to say, I came out of that gig a
changed man." Malkmus said, "Pavement is definitely
finished, as for why Scott would not is a hard one for me to figure
out. Maybe he hadn't figured out how to say it
the right way."

Founding member Scott Kannberg has refused that the band has split up, and according to the rest of Pavement, the claim they have taken a short break. Malkmus will be releasing his first solo release called "Swedish Reggae" on February 12, 2001 on Domino. The album will feature 14 tracks of rocking goodness along with Stephen's new band mates Joanna Bolme on bass and John Moen on drums. Malkmus said about his record, "I hate to say it, but it is the same as Pavement but with a different
rhythm section. I wish it was a big departure but is hard to depart from yourself without being a poseur! The
live show won't be as fun - at least at first. But maybe I can step out more on the guitar. Just what the world
needs - more guitar solos."

Source: NME

Watch Your Step...Pavement Splits